Wherever goods and materials are being manufactured, processed, or packaged, you will likely find ASCO fluid automation solutions at work. ASCO is leader in developing engineered solutions that set the standards for a broad range of markets and applications. We take pride in understanding the nuances of each industry to deliver unbeatable uptimes, reduced maintenance costs, and increased productivity.  


Automotive & Tire

In high-volume automotive and tire production, cost savings and productivity improvements have significant bottom line impact. Optimizing compressor output, controlling grippers and cylinders, and actuating tire extruders are just few of the applications at which ASCO's superior quality and technical expertise can create a competitive advantage. We offer a comprehensive suite of exceptionally reliable cylinders and actuators; air preparation, motion control, and vacuum products.



 ASCO Fluid Automation sets the standards for ultra-reliability and accuracy with the world's most dependable 3- and 4-way pilot valves. Unlike many solenoid valves, where the coil is the weakest link, ASCO coils are proven failure-free. Where other pilot valves lose performance at low power, ASCO Valves maintain high reliability and high flow along with energy conservation.


Food & Beverage

Wid​e spectrum of reliable and technologically advanced solutions and application expertise for the food industry. Innovative, easy-to-use, high-performance designs increase uptime, maximize machine efficiency, reduce total costs, and speed delivery.

ASCO solutions emphasize durable build quality and robust components for greatly extended life cycles.


Medical & Life Sciences

ASCO offers OEMs superior fluid automation solutions that deliver precise repeatability, small internal volume, low power consumption, and exceptional life expectancy. Our solenoid-operated miniature isolation valves, pinch valves, proportional valves, and associated manifolds have delivered the low profile and high reliability so critical in analytical and clinical applications.

Medical & Life Sciences

Oil & Gas

Our low-temperature and corrosion-resistant solenoid valves are ideal for upstream operations in harsh and frigid conditions. Our valve actuators provide unrivaled reliability in refinery automation. ASCO solenoid pilot valves are the gold standard in gas shutoff applications. Plus, our unique low-power valves ​combine high performance and energy efficiency across an industry that operates in remote locations.

Medical & Life Sciences

Other Industries

Solenoid valves, angle body piston valves, valve manifolds, cylinders and actuators, filters, regulators, and lubricators ASCO are known the world over for their reliability and efficiency.
Industries/applications that ASCO has expertise in include: Agricultural Equipment, Conveying, Heating and Cooling, Material Handling, Metalworking and Machine Tools, Plastics Machinery and Production, Pulp and Paper, Pumps and Compressors, Printing, Semiconductors, Textile, Woodworking, Alternate Energy, Chemical Production, Marine, Metals and Mining.

Medical & Life Sciences


​ASCO offers the industry's most advanced pneumatic solutions for packaging equipment OEMs and users that desire reliable, cost-effective designs plus unmatched fieldbus and I/O connectivity. With our unique Numasizing program, ASCO packaging experts can accurately size components to cut air consumption, maximize efficiency, and deliver the lowest installed and ownership costs. ASCO's comprehensive suite of pneumatic products for the packaging industry includes valve manifolds; filters, regulators and lubricators; cylinders and actuators; and vacuum products and accessories.



ASCO products actuate process valves and control the mission-critical flow of liquid, steam, and air through process piping.

ASCO solenoid and general purpose valves are used in boilers, water system coolers and scrubbers, sludge disposal systems, and anywhere else that reliable, accurate fluid automation is needed for power generation. ASCO Numatics cylinders drive emission control systems, while ASCO Redundant Control Systems ​help keep plants safe.


Water & Wastewater

ASCO offers smart solutions for fluid automation in water and wastewater treatment. Our compact manifolds offer discrete wired and highly distributable fieldbus electronics, with one of the widest varieties of leading fieldbus protocols and Ethernet communication networks. ASCO also offers safe solutions with our lead-free products for potable water applications.
Apply ASCO in applications such as: Air Preparation, Aeration and Odor Control, Bio Refinery Solutions, Carrier Water Control, Disinfection and Filtration, Process Valve Piloting, Seal Water Control, Solids Dewatering.

water wastewater

Worldwide Coverage

There are no borders for our business. We cooperate with companies from around the world. In each of our working days we prepare for a dispatch parcels to be delivered to our clients on almost all continents.

Best Quality

We are proud to offer our customers only solutions and products from renowned manufacturers and of recognized quality. All parts that are in our offer are genuine and manufactured in accordance with European standards.

Technical Support

We provide our clients with professional technical advisory in terms of selecting solutions, equipment and parts. Contact us if you have needs in this field and we will do our best to prepare an interesting quotation that will meet the technical requirements and will be at a good price.