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The company Emerson based in St. Louis, Missouri (USA) is a global leader in technology and engineering that provides innovative solutions for customers in the industrial, commercial and consumer markets around the world. The Emerson Automation Solutions division supports clients in maximizing process, unit, environmental and personnel production while optimizing energy consumption and reducing operating costs. The Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions division deals with the development of solutions for improving the quality of life and health, protecting the quality of food products and creating sustainable infrastructure.

The ASCO ™ brand belongs to the international concern Emerson. The offer includes over 50,000 products in the field of pneumatics: electromagnetic valves, air preparation and other valves and pneumatic cylinders. A wide range of products for many applications in every type of industry allows you to adapt the right solutions tailored perfectly to your needs and requirements.

Our experience associated with long-term cooperation with ASCO ™ products will allow you to choose the best solution according to your needs. Whether it is an economical or a more demanding application, our specialist in consultation with the producer will select the best products at an attractive price.

The largest manufacturer of electrovalves and industrial automation is Emerson, which includes the ASCO ™ brand. ASCO ™ products include over 50,000 items in the field of solenoid valves, air preparation systems, dust removal systems, valves and pneumatic actuators.

  • Oil, gas and petrochemical industries
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology
  • Analytical and medical technology
  • Automotive and tire industry
  • Food industry
  • Automation / packaging

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